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Preventative Maintenance

To keep your car running in in tip top shape Preventive Maintenance is the key. We offer many different types of Maintenance services, from oil Change and tune-ups to complete car washes. Our skilled ASE certified technicians know what your vehicle needs to keep it running smooth. Save time and avoid costly repair bill by trusting your vehicle’s maintenance to us.

Not only do tires and wheels make your vehicle look good, they keep it running at peak efficiency. Let us help you find the best tires and wheels. Not, only make your vehicle look good but to keep it running at its best. Our tire and wheel service is second to none. We will work with you to make sure you have the best looking most efficient tires and wheels for your vehicle




Tires & Wheels

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auto care

Complete Diagnotics

Automotive issues got you down. One of the most frustrating experiences it to have something wrong with your vehicle. We use state of the art computer assisted diagnostic tools to drill down to the heart of the problem. This ensures we have a full understanding of the issue, and a complete solution to the problem.

Tune ups are a valuable service to keep your vehicle running at its best. Our ASE certified Technicians take the time to ensure all the parts of the ignition system function within exacting standards. We take the time to check each component and replace those that need to be replaced. At Sunburst66 a tune up is more than just replacing spark plugs, its ensuring your vehicle run with maximum efficiency and power.


Auto service

Tune Ups